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Alternatives to bread without added gluten


Without gluten added, based on gluten free cereals, it facilitates the adequate adherence of the crumb

Bread and covers

Crunchy products without added gluten, may include

  • whole grain breadcrumbs
  • cereals such as rice and corn
  • seeds such as quinoa, linseed, chia, red millet, among others

Plant Based to Bread (Bread)

Legumes subjected to heat treatment, in the presentation of pellets as granules, flakes, and popcorn. They provide excellent crispness to the finished product and a very pleasant flavor profile

Chickpea, pea, and soy-based options

Functional systems to bread or bread all kinds of raw materials including meats such as broaster chicken, beef, pork, fish, seafood; vegetables, mushrooms, nuggets, hamburgers, post formed, cheeses, among others