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Dairy stabilizers

They improve mouthfeel, give body, viscosity, avoid separation, and allow for the optimization of formulas and processes

Stabilizers for flavored milk: they avoid separation and precipitation of the cocoa, they provide body and viscosity

Stabilizers for fermented/acidified drinks: they avoid the destabilization of the milk protein, they provide both body and viscosity

Texture solutions for heavy creams/sour creams: they allow aeration and improve the processes in fermented creams

Stabilizers/emulsifiers for ice creams: they allow the incorporation of air, creating softness and prevent melting. Alternatives for hard ice cream, soft ice cream, sorbet/sherbet, and popsicles

Texture solutions for dulce de leche/arequipe candies: alternatives that allow to obtain products with a wide range of textures both in baked goods fillings and in spreadable products