Bakery pastry and arepas » Premixes for pastry shops without added sugar

Premixes for pastry shops without added sugar

Standardized products with excellent features:

  • Provides good volume development, structure
  • Maintains softness and freshness over time
  • Shorten weighing times and reduce formulation errors
  • Reduces amount of raw materials in inventory
  • Provide protection to your formula
  • Ideal for multiple dessert creations

Alternatives with sugar and without added sugar, suitable for diabetics

Premixes for brownie, vanilla cake, sponge cake and moist cake, chocolate cake, carrot cake (contains dehydrated carrot), pancakes, muffins, donuts, cookies, panderitos, custard (natural, arequipe and coconut), flan, rice pudding, instant pastry cream, among others

Premixes with alternative flours

Designed based on rice, corn, quinoa and almond flours; without added gluten, easy to prepare, with and without added sugar