Plant-based » SúperNaturals: Powdered exotic fruits and vegetables from Colombia

SúperNaturals: Powdered exotic fruits and vegetables from Colombia

SúperNaturals is our portfolio of powdered exotic fruits and vegetables from Colombia, nutritional foods that rescue the best of our country’s biodiversity. They are the tangible expression of our natural wealth.

The best option to add value to your products, innovate and highlight natural differentiating attributes that meet consumer expectations.

Beetroot, açaí, jamaican flower, exotic fruit, caribbean berries, pacific berries, yacon syrup, jaboticaba, cupuaçu and acerola, standardized and stabilized for application in beverages, bakery products, confectionery, cereal bars, infusions, cookies and snacks, meat, dairy and ice cream, functional foods and more.

Our porfolio rescues the best of plant biodiversity from the different regions of Colombia, supports local economies and stimulates the development of products oriented towards health and well-being: exotic fruits, superfoods, vegetables, herbs with functional properties, pleasant flavors and potential antioxidant which will take your products to the next level.

In addition to the benefits of fruit in your products and for consumers, SuperNaturals will also allow you to incorporate:

  • Clean labeling
  • Naturalness
  • No preservatives and artificial colors
  • Free of pesticides and contaminants
  • Segurity and safety
  • Ingredients obtained by clean technologies
  • Health & Wellness
  • Sustainability
  • Standardization and technical functionality