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Brines to marinate

Blends of highly functional ingredients that improve the sensory characteristics of meat pieces subjected to the marinating technique. Design of alternatives according to customer requirements: injection level, performance and available technology

High injection brines

For use in different types of cooked cuts

  •  SALMEAT M-PRO: for use on loin, leg, rib, chop, roast beef, among others
  • SALPORK BACON: for use in bacon and products injected with smoky profiles

Flavored Brines

Contains spices and flavors used to marinate all types of meats by dipping, injection or tumbler
They are available with different flavor profiles such as chicken, pork, smoked, spicy, bacon, rib, pastrami, roast beef

Neutral Brines

To marinate cuts of chicken, beef and pork by dipping, injection, or tumbler. Available with and without sodium nitrite