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Food coloring

Obtained from fruits, vegetables, edible flowers or algae, through physical processes, free of synthetic additives or organic solvents, they are part of the composition of the food as an ingredient


  • Vegan-friendly dyes
  • Wide applicability
  • Clean labeling
  • No E Number
  • Stable to factors such as light, heat and different pH


  • Saffron, an excellent substitute for tartrazine

Reds and oranges

  • Sandalwood, substitute for carmine
  • Beetroot, to highlight the color of raw and cooked meat, since once it undergoes heat treatment, caramel tones are enhanced
  • Murcian Paprika and Paprika


  • Black carrot, provides blackberry or grape tones depending on the pH
  • Ground beet, provides purple and violet hues


  • Spirulina, substitute for brilliant blue


  • Malt extract